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•Megan Simcox first took the stage at the age of 4 in a dance recital at the historic Capitol Music Hall, the largest theatre in the state of West Virginia, and hasn't stopped performing since!

•Going on to musical theatre in high school, a degree in acting/performance from The Ohio State University, and later completing both beginner and advanced tracks at the Theatre For All Professional Actor Training Program at the Queens Theatre in New York City, and performing as a guest artist for the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama spring semester production, Megan has already ticked many items off her "acting bucket list", but still has many ambitions for the future!

•As a disabled actor with mixed mobility, Megan is an avid activist and advocate for equity and meaningful access both on stage and screen for disabled performers. 

•Megan is also the founder, director, and head coach of ACTive Roles Theatre Company (Martins Ferry, OH), a small outreach company that provides free acting classes to marginalized youth, as well as an ongoing public radio show created and performed by the students, and an annual youth-led production of Shakespeare in the Park. 

•Megan has experience in TV, film, and radio, performing in a student film, and as a background extra in a well known TV series and film, and has recorded radio commercials and performed on multiple episodes of the ACTive Roles Radio Show. Megan has also performed in several Zoom productions/workshops during the 2020 global pandemic.

•In the future, Megan hopes to continue honing her craft on stage and screen, to normalize disability visibility in the arts, and to someday get an MFA in acting.




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